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One of the most important aspects of choosing any program to travel or study with is knowing what other students are saying about the program. Below you will find individual quotes from our students, however if you want to learn more, we would be happy to connect you directly with one of our past students and give you the chance to ask them questions directly. If you would like to talk to one of our students, please email us and provide your contact info and name of your university and we’ll put you in touch.

“Therapy Abroad provided the hands-on experience I expected and more. It allowed all of us to see and experience more about our major but we also got to learn about the education system along with behavior modification methods we can use in the future. Years from now, I will look back at my experience and Therapy Abroad will instantly come to mind as one of the best I have done.” Monica P., Cal State University Fullerton, Santa Ana, CA.

“An absolutely great hands on experience for any future SLP. Highly recommend!” Mary H., University of Redlands, Riverside, CA

“I came out of this trip learning and experiencing things I never thought I would’ve ever done. I gained hands on experience in the field surrounded by professionals who inspired me through their passion for change. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity.” Kiana A., San Jose State University, La Habra, CA.

“I learned about a new culture that exemplifies diversity. The hands on experience allowed me to gain both knowledge and confidence as a future SLP. My favorite part was seeing first-hand the impact we made on the community. I will forever remember my time in Belize.” Danielle G., Biola University, Bakersfield, CA

“Therapy Abroad was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had. I learned so much from both the staff and students. From community-based rehab to cave tubing, everything was above and beyond. The skills that I learned will be extremely useful in the future as a speech-language pathologist.” Lisa N., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

“I loved my trip to Belize! It was such a wonderful humbling service trip where I learned a lot about the field of speech pathology in a multicultural environment. This trip is great for anyone looking for insight in speech-language pathology and looking to gain hands-on experience along the way.” Janely C., University of Redlands, Ripon, CA

“Therapy Abroad is amazing. Such a great experience! Never did I think I’d do anything like this. I had tons of fun and learned so much.” Becky S., San Francisco State, Stockton, CA. “My trip to Belize was truly amazing. I learned a lot about the culture of Belize, the field of speech pathology, and myself. Working with the children at The Inspiration Center and being able to see their home life during CBR was unique and humbling experience.” Leah G., Cal State University Fullerton, San Diego, CA.

“One of the best experiences yet. I was a little terrified to go on this trip at first, but I am happy I did and I would have regretted it if I had passed it up. As an undergrad student, I got to experience things mostly only grad students do. It wasn’t all work either, which made the trip that much better.” Emma R., Cal State University Fullerton

“My favorite part was spending time on a beautiful island! I also learned so much about feeding therapy and speech language stuff in general. It was a blessing to work with my little boy and we both cried when it was time to say goodbye.” Iyana S., University of the Pacific, Oakland, CA

“It was nice to travel with a purpose. It was a very fulfilling trip which also included fun and new adventures. I definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants to expand their horizons.” Anna K, Biola University, Patterson, CA.

“Therapy Abroad has given me what no summer internship could have. I learned so much as a future SLP and as a person. The diverse groups of people that I was able to meet & serve on this trip have broadened my view of the world while instilling in me the purpose to help others across the globe through speech therapy.” Elizabeth B., Biola University, Yorba Linda, CA

“Therapy Abroad was amazing! There is no other program like this.” Eva Z., Cal State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

“Therapy Abroad provided hands-on experience working with a variety of children with different needs. It enabled me to use what I have been taught in classes and implement those ideas into the communications learning camp. Overall, this organization cares deeply for the people of Belize, specifically those with disabilities and aims to equip parents and families with practical ways to help their children.” Allison M., Biola University, Newberry Park, CA

“Therapy Abroad both educates you about SLP work in a country that desperately needs it, and inspires you to act on it. Everyone has similar or the same aspirations a you, so it’s way easier to connect with them all –especially when stuck together for 2 weeks! Whether learning about oral motor mechanisms or observing community based rehabilitation you gain hands on experience you could not have gotten at home.” Renee F, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

“Therapy Abroad in Belize was a great experience! It definitely exceeded my expectations in both what I learned and the fun I had. Belize is a beautiful country and Therapy Abroad does a good job at helping you explore the best part of it. I highly recommend it!” Jessica C., University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA

“Therapy Abroad provided not only the experience and “hours”, but also provided hospitality and established lifelong friendships and relationships in Belize. My trip consisted of adventures like ziplining, cave tubing and amazing views. Aside from the fun stuff, it was amazing to see smiling children we helped and I honestly think that is more fun than the “fun stuff”. I know I made an impact in Belize and I thank Therapy Abroad for that.” Yena K., University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

“Belize was amazing! I had hands-on experience and wonderful support from the clinicians. There were many highlights on this trip, but working with the kids and learning about their culture was life changing! Definitely 2 weeks I will never forget.” Amanda G., Cal State University Fullerton, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Therapy Abroad helped shape me academically through personal interactions with SLPs in a clinical setting, and showed me the beauty of international travel and cultural immersion!” Bryn D., Biola University, Sacramento, CA

“Coming in as a new SLP major, I learned so much that will help me in classes. Getting these in person hands-on experiences really helped me understand concepts I have been introduced to in class. I’ll never forget all the kids we worked with and the impact they had on me. Going to Caye Caulker was the icing on the cake!” Sierra B., Biola University, Phoenix, AR

“Therapy Abroad not only allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the field of speech-language pathology but also a deeper love of different parts of the world, their culture, and their people.” Angelina L., Biola University, San Francisco, CA



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