SLP, PT, OT, Art, & Music Therapy Program for Professionals

This program was created for licensed professionals looking for a short break from the usual. Individuals of any nationality may apply. All applications will be evaluated for professional licensing and experience.

We currently have a variety of volunteer positions in different locations around the world intended for professionals interested in travel, cultural exchange, and professional development. Whether you work in a school, medical, or home health setting, this program is designed to tap into your unique skill set and give you the opportunity to provide needed training and services to under-served communities abroad. We understand that planning for international travel can be a challenge. With few resources available, it can be almost impossible to organize overseas service learning experiences. Therapy Abroad works with BlueDot partnerships to design award-winning programs for professionals designed to bridge the information gap, provide professionals with some exciting new opportunities, and create a safe, easy, and valuable way to travel.

Part of our mission as an organization is to provide a continuity of services to the areas we work in. In order to do this we are looking for qualified professionals to spend time working with our staff and partner organizations overseas.


Current Program offerings

If you are interested in more information on other programs and future opportunities and are a professional please contact Please attach a current CV or resume to your inquiry, specify what languages you speak, any previous travel experience and let us know if you are interested in a short term opportunity (requiring a commitment of two, four, or six weeks) or something more long term.


Contact Information

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+1 949-423-6165