About Therapy Abroad

Therapy Abroad was created to provide a valuable, relevant, and hands-on experience for undergraduate students, graduate students and professional speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists and other allied health students and professionals who have an interest in international travel. Therapy Abroad co-founder, Jessica Brown, is a USA licensed speech-language pathologist (CCC-SLP) and music therapists (MTBC) who has traveled to more than 40 countries and all seven continents. She has lived and worked abroad for much of her career, during which time she shuffled between schools, hospitals, home health, and a variety of other settings in order to stay productive and meet the varied needs of her community. Her desire to expand the influence of speech-language pathology abroad was often met with frustration, due to the lack of information and resources available internationally. However, this engagement also helped her develop a new set of tools and the ability to navigate complex environments.

The idea for Therapy Abroad grew out of Jessica’s personal experiences, her sincere love of travel and the knowledge that very few study abroad and volunteer opportunities currently exist for students and professionals in her field. This is what drove the creation of Therapy Abroad. Our mission is to help students gain hands-on experience outside of the classroom that will help them in graduate school and as clinicians, to inspire more students and professionals to take that first step toward volunteering, service-learning or completing a practicum experience abroad, acquire advanced language skills for the workplace, and to gain the type of unique professional insight that comes from working in a foreign location.

Therapy Abroad programs are designed to provide a skilled clinical experience for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals who believe that quality learning and education can be an adventure.



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