College Credit

Observation and hands-on experience are both great ways to learn more about speech-language pathology and audiology and it makes sense that you would want to earn some college credit for your time. Study abroad options in communication sciences & disorders and speech-language pathology and audiology are very limited, so we are happy to work with your university so that you can earn some academic credit and/or approved observation hours. In most cases, you will be able to talk to your college dean or a professor in your department to petition for credit and/or observation hours on your behalf. Because you will be working with ASHA licensed SLPs on all of our programs, hours might also count towards clinical competencies for students planning to pursue graduate education in speech-language pathology. Every student on our programs will gain a minimum of 20 observation hours with ASHA licensed SLPs in addition to hands-on experience, mentorship,  and discussion based classroom time covering a range of relevant topics in the field.

Please contact us for a list of programs and professors that have already offered academic credit and/or observation hours to students on our program. Every university has different requirements for obtaining observation hours, clinical clock hours, and/or academic credit, so please be sure to talk to someone in your department before you apply. We would also be happy to provide your dean, advisor or a specific professor with information. Simply provide us with their contact information or have them email us directly to request information, learn more about our program or to obtain professional references from SLPs, Professors, and universities who have already participated on one of our programs or have a current partnership with us.



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