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One of the most important aspects of choosing any program to travel or study with is knowing what other students and staff are saying about the program.  Below you will find individual testimonies from our students as well as university professors and professionals, however, if you want to learn more, we would be happy to connect you directly with one of our past students or staff and give you the chance to ask them questions directly. We also want to encourage you to visit other sites for independent reviews of Therapy Abroad from students, university professors, and professionals. For these, please visit Go Overseas or Facebook Reviews.  If you would like to talk to one of our students and staff, please email us and provide your contact info and name of your university and we’ll put you in touch

“I went into this program not knowing what to expect and I can honestly say everything went beyond my expectations! I was able to gain hands on experience collaborating with professionals who were well traveled and well educated in the field. Exploring and interacting with the locals provided me with a more authentic view of Belize, its people, and its vast array of cultures. I will carry the knowledge I gained here well into my professional career and highly recommend it for aspiring SLPs.” Alena E., Adelphi University, Patchogue, NY

“Therapy Abroad really gives you the hands on experience we cannot get in the USA or in a classroom! Also, I was able to build great friendships and mentors along the way!” Jana A., Cal State Fullerton, Yorba Linda, CA

“My Therapy Abroad experience helped me develop a greater understanding and appreciation of cultural and social differences. During my time in Belize, I encountered situations that would never occur in the US. As a result, I developed an even greater interest in my academic discipline. I hope to participate in this program again in the future.” Kristin T., University of Texas-Dallas, Frisco, TX

“I first learned about Therapy Abroad through my school’s NSSLHA community service chair, and I got so excited just reading about what the program entailed. In a field where your exposure is limited to passive observations of practicing clinicians, the thought of getting the opportunity to be actively involved in providing therapy piqued my interest. Therapy Abroad throws you right in, challenging you to apply your knowledge of speech therapy in a variety of contexts. This program exceeded my expectations of what a hands-on abroad experience could look like.” Sarah K., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Winston-Salem, NC

“AAC camp was a once in a lifetime experience. Working with local families to create usable, functional tools they can use with their children taught me so much about the professional I want to be.” Jessica T., San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

“This trip was full of experiences I will never forget. From the friendships I made to the children I worked with, I will cherish my time in Belize. Therapy Abroad has given me an opportunity many do not get and I’ll forever be grateful. Thank you so much, Therapy Abroad!” Summyr T., University of Utah, Sandy, UT

“My favorite part about Therapy Abroad was being in another country, learning about a new culture, and meeting new people all while learning more about my career path to be an SLP. Super great experience. 10/10 would do it again in a heartbeat.” Phillip T., New Mexico State University, Rio Rancho, NM

“Therapy Abroad allowed me to experience the culture and beauty of Belize. It was very eye-opening to see how inaccessible speech and language services are for the families. It was both heartbreaking and motivating to want to do more for them and others around the world. I feel like I gained an understanding that I didn’t know I was missing. I also enjoyed being able to see the beauty of the country through various activities. I enjoyed my experience and learned a lot in a short time.” Judith V., New York University, Deland, FL

“Therapy Abroad challenged me in ways I couldn’t have experienced anywhere else, and I left with more knowledge, experience, and appreciation for the culture here in Belize than I could’ve imagined.” Kaylee V., University of Delaware, Harwinton, CT

“Planning and executing Tykes Camp helped me grow so much and better understand what a crucial role speech-language pathologists can play in kiddo’s lives! Thank you Therapy Abroad for such a unique experience!” Sarah W., San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

“I got to put all my knowledge to the test, while simultaneously gaining more. I gained a whole new perspective on the world around me and why I am doing what I’m doing.” MaKenzie W., College of Saint Rose, Shaftsburg, VT

“Participating in Therapy Abroad offered me the opportunity to see the needs of families and children in places where speech and language services are not readily available. I got to see the needs first hand and consider how I might use my training and skills as an SLP to stand in the gap. I highly recommend Therapy Abroad!” Mikayla W., University of Texas-Dallas, Yellville, AR

“Therapy Abroad has gone above and beyond to provide a once in a lifetime opportunity for future SLPs. The amount of cultural, professional, and hands-on experience gained on this trip is unlike anything I could have been offered anywhere else.” Kayla Y., Eastern Illinois University, Prairie Du Rocher, IL

“I absolutely loved my experience with Therapy Abroad! By the end of my trip, I learned so many hands-on experiences I did not think I would gain. I loved being able to travel into the small communities and help observe and screen children. The best part is that we were giving back to so many lives.” Cecilia Z., University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

“I’ve gained so many insights about AAC and the Belizean culture. What an experience doing speech Therapy Abroad!” Jocelyn B, San Francisco State University, Daly City, CA

“I loved the trip! Belize was beautiful and I loved the camp! I absolutely loved the snorkeling and the island was my favorite! I had so much fun with the girls and all the staff. An amazing trip!” Ronni A., University of Colorado Boulder, Orange County, CA

“Get in as much experience as you can, while you can. Don’t let an opportunity like Therapy Abroad be passed up.” Caroline A., New York University, Michigan City, Indiana

“Therapy Abroad has given me an incredible/cultural hands on experience assisting the children of Belize with speech and language services. As I move forward I will take with me the knowledge, relationships and memories this trip has given me. You better Belize I’ll be coming on another future Therapy Abroad trip!” Christine G., Adelphi University, Massapequa Park, NY

“Therapy Abroad is an experience that reinforced speech language pathology as the right career path for me. Through the strong bond and support between all the students, and the expert advice and guidance from professional SLPs. I learned more about myself and my skillset than ever before. I am more confident in myself. Doing this program in Belize exposes you to a different and challenging health care system that will inspire you to think about the SLP field outside of the US viewpoint.” Norah A., Ithaca College, Severna Park, MD

“Thank you Therapy Abroad for providing me with such an unBELIZEable experience! The combination of hands-on learning, observation of certified SLPs, and adventure activities allowed for both personal growth and a better understanding of the field. I truly enjoyed every moment!” Camille A., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Charlotte, NC

“I came out of this trip learning and experiences things I never thought I would’ve ever done. I gained hands on experience in the field surrounded by professions who inspired me through their passion for change. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity.” Kiana A., San Jose State University, La Habra, CA

“Therapy Abroad has been an unforgettable, hands-on experience working with children in Belize. We were able to learn new skills and implement them in multiple populations.” Caitlin M., Adelphi University, Queens, NY

“This experience was LIFE CHANGING!! I discovered who I am as a speech pathologist with the help of the amazing supervisors. The memories I have made will stay with me forever, as well as all the friends I have made. I give my highest recommendation to Therapy Abroad.” Jordan B., College of Saint Rose, Millbrook, NY

“My experience with Therapy Abroad was incredible! I was able to meet future SLPs from across the US and learn from knowledgeable professionals in the field. You get to go on fun adventures like cave tubing and snorkeling but also make a difference in the community through CBR and Tykes camp. It was a cultural adventure that I will never forget!” Emily B., San Diego State University, Yorba Linda, CA

“I loved my trip to Belize! It was such a wonderful, humbling service trip where I learned a lot about the field of speech pathology in a multicultural environment. This trip is great for anyone looking for an insight in SLP and gaining hands-on experience along the way.” Janely C., University of Redlands, Ripon, CA

“Therapy Abroad uncovers one’s true potential as a future, aspiring speech-language pathologist. Hands on, authentic, and inspiring speech related service opportunities come in an abundance. I give my highest recommendation to this program, as the confidence I have gained in my future practice and the nationwide bonds I have built are untouchable and everlasting.” Carissa C., SUNY Plattsburgh, Williamstown, VT

“Therapy Abroad provided the hands-on experience I expected and more. It allowed all of us to see and experience more about our major but we also got to learn about the education system along with behavior modification methods we can use in the future. Years from now, I will look back at my experience and Therapy Abroad will instantly come to mind as one of the best I have done.” Monica P., Cal State University Fullerton, Santa Ana, CA.

“This trip has showed me all the wonderful people you can meet in the SLP field. It is truly a team effort. I can’t wait for more people to go through this experience as well!” Opheria C., Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI

“This was a trip to remember! Working with culturally diverse kids alongside SLP’s and professors is a dream! And doing it in the country of Belize, wow. Sign me up for next year!” McKenna R., University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO

“Therapy Abroad provided me with the opportunity to practice interpersonal skills in a country where therapeutic services are considerably limited. I worked alongside licensed SLP’s, social workers, parents, children with disabilities, undergraduates from around the states, and much more. My time in Belize has showed me how to grow as a future speech pathologist in a field where each case is different than the last.” Rebekah S., Northern Illinois University, Joliet, IL

“This trip really built my confidence in how much I already know through a unique hands-on experience. I also learned so much from the supervisors! It is such a unique opportunity to use your knowledge and clinical skills like this before graduating. Every SLP grad student should do this!” Mikalya S., University of the Pacific, Santa Rosa, CA

“Therapy Abroad gave me an amazing opportunity to get hands on experience in a new very unique setting. The trip to the island at the end is really fun! The snorkeling was amazing and so fun!” Makenzie S., San Diego State University, West Bloomfield, MI

“Therapy Abroad was the perfect mix of work and fun. I loved the hands-on opportunities with all of the kids at the Inspiration Center, and equally loved the exploring activities too. My favorite part was meeting a great group of people, and making some new life-long friendships.” Cassidy C., San Diego State University, Napoleon, MI

“As a master’s student, this experience opened my eyes to how much the field of speech pathology and its services can reach all over the world. I am now even more excited to graduate and begin practicing in the clinic setting.” Patricia C., Cal State Sacramento, Salinas, CA

“This trip was truly a life changing experience. It opened my eyes to Belizean culture and how to work with kids with disabilities. I learned so much from the SLPs that I can use in my future. This trip made me excited to be an SLP.” Kaylee D., Biola University, Camarillo, CA

“My favorite part was being able to meet and bond with SLP majors around the country. I loved getting to experience the Belizean culture and work with kids and challenge myself to do things with limited resources.” Noelle D., San Francisco State University, Huntington Beach, CA

“Therapy Abroad showed me a glimpse into my future as an SLP. It really taught me how to connect with others as a future clinician. I broke out of my shell and made lifelong friends from across the country. I will never be able to show my appreciation for this program in its entirety.” Brooke E., University of Colorado-Boulder, Durango, CO

“Therapy Abroad is an amazing and unique opportunity. I have gained hands-on experience that I would not be able to get anywhere else. Working directly with SLP’s has taught me so much.” Abbigale F., Carleton University, St. Catherines, ON

“Working with kids in Belize has truly been the greatest and most rewarding thing I have done and has inspired me to continue working abroad.” Araceli F., New York University, San Diego, CA

“Therapy Abroad was a very unique opportunity to gain undergrad experience unlike anything else. The staff is amazing! Morgen S., Rockhurst University, Kansas City, MO

“One of my favorite parts was the people. The supervisor, the guides, the people of Belize, and my group for the two weeks. Seeing everyone’s passion and talking out our goals for schools and careers actually felt understood and so purposeful.” Jordan S., University of Washington-Seattle, Spokane, WA

“Therapy Abroad took me above and beyond what I thought I could accomplish as an undergraduate. It’s the hands on experience you can’t get anywhere else!” Karly S., West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Schnecksville, PA

“This was an amazing trip! It went above and beyond my expectations in every aspect! I was able to get so much hands on experience in so many areas of the field. I’m not sure I could have gotten this experience anywhere else. Also the staff was awesome!” Eileen F., University of Colorado-Boulder, Manlius, NY

“Therapy Abroad was an incredible experience. I was pushed outside of my comfort zone while getting unique hands-on experience.” Madeline F., West Liberty University, Wheeling, WV

“An absolutely great hands-on experience for any future SLP. Highly recommend!” Mary H., University of Redlands, Riverside, CA

“I came out of this trip learning and experiencing things I never thought I would’ve ever done. I gained hands-on experience in the field surrounded by professionals who inspired me through their passion for change. I’ll forever be grateful for this opportunity.” Kiana A., San Jose State University, La Habra, CA.

“I learned about a new culture that exemplifies diversity. The hands-on experience allowed me to gain both knowledge and confidence as a future SLP. My favorite part was seeing first-hand the impact we made on the community. I will forever remember my time in Belize.” Danielle G., Biola University, Bakersfield, CA

“Therapy Abroad was one of the greatest experiences that I’ve had. I learned so much from both the staff and students. From community-based rehab to cave tubing, everything was above and beyond. The skills that I learned will be extremely useful in the future as a speech-language pathologist.” Lisa N., University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

“I loved my trip to Belize! It was such a wonderful humbling service trip where I learned a lot about the field of speech pathology in a multicultural environment. This trip is great for anyone looking for insight in speech-language pathology and looking to gain hands-on experience along the way.” Janely C., University of Redlands, Ripon, CA

“Therapy Abroad is amazing. Such a great experience! Never did I think I’d do anything like this. I had tons of fun and learned so much.” Becky S., San Francisco State, Stockton, CA.

“My trip to Belize was truly amazing. I learned a lot about the culture of Belize, the field of speech pathology, and myself. Working with the children at The Inspiration Center and being able to see their home life during CBR was a unique and humbling experience.” Leah G., Cal State University Fullerton, San Diego, CA.

“I learned from so many wonderful SLP’s during my two weeks in Belize. I enjoyed running a camp, exploring the country, and meeting/growing with amazing individuals.” Kristen P., San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

“Therapy Abroad is an experience you will not forget! We were able to work closely with 5 SLP’s, get real hands-on experience and learn about a completely new culture. My favorite part was going to the local schools to screen and evaluate children on our own (while being overseen by the SLP’s).” Jocelyn P., Northern Illinois University, Carpentersville, IL

“My Belize trip was so much more amazing than I could have imagined. My clinical skills improved through working with some amazing kids, and I got to see and experience the most amazing parts of Belize. I am already planning my next visit.” Megan P., New York University, Racine, WI

“Therapy Abroad gave me a unique and enriching experience that will forever impact not only my future as an SLP but as a global citizen wanting to make a positive impact on the world. I have also made many new relationships that will affect me both professionally and personally. Thank you Therapy Abroad!” Jessica P., Grand Valley State University

“This experience was better than I imagined. It pushed me out of my little comfort zone and gave me so many new experiences I may have never had. It’s a wonderful program to learn in a totally new and different environment and culture. Apply and GO because you won’t regret it!” Alyssa R., SUNY-Plattsburgh, Plattsburgh, NY

“This trip allowed me to see my future career with a new, global perspective and for that, I’m forever grateful.” Erin R., University of Delaware, Westchester, NY

“The SLP’s were informative, helpful and amazing people overall. This trip was the experience of a lifetime and I made friends from all different walks of life.” Courtney Richards, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Lowell, MA

“One of the best experiences yet. I was a little terrified to go on this trip at first, but I am happy I did and I would have regretted it if I had passed it up. As an undergrad student, I got to experience things mostly only grad students do. It wasn’t all work either, which made the trip that much better.” Emma R., Cal State University Fullerton

“My favorite part was spending time on a beautiful island! I also learned so much about feeding therapy and speech-language stuff in general. It was a blessing to work with my little boy and we both cried when it was time to say goodbye.” Iyana S., University of the Pacific, Oakland, CA

“It was nice to travel with a purpose. It was a very fulfilling trip which also included fun and new adventures. I definitely recommend this program for anyone who wants to expand their horizons.” Anna K, Biola University, Patterson, CA.

“Therapy Abroad has given me what no summer internship could have. I learned so much as a future SLP and as a person. The diverse groups of people that I was able to meet & serve on this trip have broadened my view of the world while instilling in me the purpose to help others across the globe through speech therapy.” Elizabeth B., Biola University, Yorba Linda, CA

“Therapy Abroad was amazing! There is no other program like this.” Eva Z., Cal State University Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

“Therapy Abroad provided hands-on experience working with a variety of children with different needs. It enabled me to use what I have been taught in classes and implement those ideas into the communications learning camp. Overall, this organization cares deeply for the people of Belize, specifically those with disabilities and aims to equip parents and families with practical ways to help their children.” Allison M., Biola University, Newberry Park, CA

“Therapy Abroad allowed me to step out of my comfort zone, be exposed to a new culture, and teach me the importance of flexibility. Through this experience, I have been able to expand my clinical skills and work collaboratively with both peers and professions who have widened my perspective and introduced me to new ideas and techniques. I’m so grateful for this experience and the positive impact it has had on me, and I would highly recommend undergraduate students, graduate students, and working SLPs to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to make a difference.” Stephanie H., University of the Pacific, Lodi, CA

“Our trip with Therapy Abroad was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. The hands-on experience working with kids & our cohort is something I hope all SLP students have the opportunity to do. Do Therapy Abroad!” Amanda H., New York University, New Hope, PA

“Coming into this experience, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. The program is only two weeks but I feel like a completely new person. The confidence I’ve built in myself and lifelong bonds I’ve formed are priceless to me. Thank you Chad, supervisors, and Ellen! I’ve had the time of my life.” Kirsten H., University of Iowa, Denver, CO

“Therapy Abroad was the study abroad experience that fit my career goals perfectly. It gave me the opportunity to explore what it means to be an SLP, get hands on experience, and learn all about Belizean culture. My favorite part was zip lining through the jungle canopy – it was unique to any experience I’ve had in America.” Callie H., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Ocean Isle Beach, NC

“Therapy Abroad allowed me to apply all I’ve been studying and learning. It certainly pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way.” Katrina J., San Francisco State University, South San Francisco, CA

“Therapy Abroad allowed me to use my clinical skills from graduate school in a foreign, underserved area. My clinical judgement and report writing skills have greatly improved as a result of this experience. Working with children and families in another country and in a fast paced setting has given me confidence in myself as a clinician as I soon graduate and begin my professional career.” Shannon K., University of Texas-Dallas, Albuquerque, NM

“This trip changed my life. I’ve learned so much here about my future career, the people of Belize, and so much more. These girls and staff genuinely felt like family and I am so sad to leave them. I am leaving here with a deep love for Belize and an overflowing amount of love for speech language pathology.” Valerie K., West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Newville, PA

“A lot of hands-on experience in the speech field. It was cool to be immersed in the culture of Belize too!” Olivia K., SUNY Buffalo, Buffalo, NY

“I had an amazing time participating in AAC camp. It was such a wonderful learning experience both personally and professionally. Spending time in paradise was such a treat!” Jennifer K., San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA

“If I was to describe Therapy Abroad’s trip to Belize, it would be incredible. My favorite part about this experience was learning so much about Belize’s culture and opened my eyes to a whole new perspective. I highly recommend everyone I know to apply for this program because it’s life changing.” Sabrina L., Biola University, San Francisco, CA

“This trip was overall an amazing experience! I learned so much and got such good guidance and advice. I started to figure out the type of clinician I want to be, and made great connections along the way. Being able to help people and talk to families has been so rewarding.” Jenna L., University of Wisconsin-Madison, Clinton, WI

“Therapy Abroad was an amazing and fulfilling experience. I have furthered my education and experience in only two weeks and was able to learn about how much of a privilege it is to be knowledgeable in SLP. 10/10 would recommend!” University of Colorado-Boulder, Jennica L, Montville, NY

“Time is precious, travel to Belize with Therapy Abroad. You won’t regret it.” Krystal L., New York University, San Diego, CA

“Taking a step outside my comfort zone was well worth it! I gained a wealth of knowledge and hands-on experience at the clinic, in-home visits and through collaborating with our supervisors. It’s a humbling experience to work with these children and their families (and don’t forget all the fun excursions!). I would highly recommend this experience to anyone with a passion for SLP!” Sydney L., University of the Pacific, Manteca, CA

“This trip was such an amazing and life changing experience. I saw the world through a different lens and saw my potential as a future SLP. My favorite activity definitely had to be zip lining and cave tubing (and it was my first time doing both)!” Stephanie L., University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

“Amazing trip overall! Not only did I learn a lot, I gained hands-on experience and new friends! Thank you all to help make this an impactful journey.” Katelynn M., Biola University, Manteca, CA

“Therapy Abroad both educates you about SLP work in a country that desperately needs it, and inspires you to act on it. Everyone has similar or the same aspirations as you, so it’s way easier to connect with them all –especially when stuck together for 2 weeks! Whether learning about oral motor mechanisms or observing community-based rehabilitation you gain hands-on experience you could not have gotten at home.” Renee F, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

“Therapy Abroad in Belize was a great experience! It definitely exceeded my expectations in both what I learned and the fun I had. Belize is a beautiful country and Therapy Abroad does a good job at helping you explore the best part of it. I highly recommend it!” Jessica C., University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA

“Therapy Abroad provided not only the experience and “hours”, but also provided hospitality and established lifelong friendships and relationships in Belize. My trip consisted of adventures like ziplining, cave tubing and amazing views. Aside from the fun stuff, it was amazing to see smiling children we helped and I honestly think that is more fun than the “fun stuff”. I know I made an impact in Belize and I thank Therapy Abroad for that.” Yena K., University of the Pacific, Stockton, CA

“Belize was amazing! I had hands-on experience and wonderful support from the clinicians. There were many highlights on this trip, but working with the kids and learning about their culture was life changing! Definitely 2 weeks I will never forget.” Amanda G., Cal State University Fullerton, Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“Therapy Abroad helped shape me academically through personal interactions with SLPs in a clinical setting, and showed me the beauty of international travel and cultural immersion!” Bryn D., Biola University, Sacramento, CA

“Coming in as a new SLP major, I learned so much that will help me in classes. Getting these in person hands-on experiences really helped me understand concepts I have been introduced to in class. I’ll never forget all the kids we worked with and the impact they had on me. Going to Caye Caulker was the icing on the cake!” Sierra B., Biola University, Phoenix, AR
“Therapy Abroad not only allowed me to gain hands-on experience in the field of speech-language pathology but also a deeper love of different parts of the world, their culture, and their people.” Angelina L., Biola University, San Francisco, CA

“Amazing trip overall! Not only did I learn a lot, I gained hands-on experience and new friends! Thank you all to help make this an impactful journey.” Katelynn M., Biola University, Manteca, CA

“Therapy Abroad offers me everything I thought I wanted and more. First hand interaction with the community and a variety of experience in skills needed as an SLP combined with fun, once in a lifetime trips and activities make this the perfect trip for an undergraduate.” Shelby M., The Ohio State University, Wapakoneta, OH

“This trip was an amazing way to gain experience in the field. My school only has a speech science minor, so only having 5 CSP classes was worrying in terms of how much I would learn. Therapy Abroad was an awesome supplement to these classes.” Caroline M., University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, High Point, NC

“I was working with a boy with low functioning Autism – an experience I’ve never had before. He was keeping to himself and I was just observing him. With the help of amazing staff, I learned how to enter his world, and even more, how to elicit language. It was phenomenal and I feel so lucky to have gotten this experience and learn this at such an early time in my undergrad career.” Shannon M., Biola University, Palmdale, CA

“Therapy Abroad allowed me to experience the role of SLP’s first hand. It’s an opportunity to learn things that wouldn’t be available until later in my education. Working with children in a different country has taught me a lot not only about a different culture but also about speech language pathology.” Daisy M., San Jose State University, Salinas, CA

“Therapy Abroad changed the way I see speech language pathology. Throughout this experience I’ve made friends from all over and got the opportunity to make a positive impact in the world. Being a part of Therapy Abroad is an experience I will never forget.” Hayley M., University of Colorado-Boulder, Colorado Springs, CO

“Therapy Abroad was such a great experience! I learned so much and made so many memories and friends. From being immersed in Belizean culture to meeting the sweetest kids. This program was everything I had hoped for.” Marie M., University of Colorado-Boulder, Fishers, IN

“I can’t pick a favorite part about this trip because it was so much fun from the beginning to the end! What I do love was that this program/experience allowed me to be a blessing to others and to build confidence in myself as a future clinician and adult. Therapy Abroad, thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Kayra M., San Francisco State University, San Jose, CA

“Going to Belize with Therapy Abroad has been one of the best experiences of my life. I learned so much about ABA therapy and speech therapy with so much hands-on experience. My favorite parts were definitely the language camp and the language and hearing screenings at school!” Karen m., Biola University, Buena Park, CA

“Therapy Abroad provided me with amazing opportunities. I really feel like I learned a lot about the country of Belize and its culture. The staff was incredibly nice and staying at Monkey Bay was definitely a cool experience. So thankful I came on this trip!” Alexa M., University of Massachusetts-Amherst, Simsbury, CT



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