Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

Monkey Bay Wildlife Sanctuary has been recognized by the Government of Belize since Earth Day, 1990. To support this protected area as part of the Central Belize Corridor and to further its mission as an education center, Monkey Bay has specialized in hosting and facilitating local and international education programs immersive learning and service opportunities within the country of Belize.

Our partnership with Therapy Abroad furthers the ongoing nation building process in Belize by bringing trained faculty and students to help fill the national need for speech therapy services. The long-term goal is to help identify, sponsor and train Belizeans to become speech therapists through affiliations with North American Universities to build an academic scholarship support program. To this end, Monkey Bay works in partnership with universities and their faculty leaders to connect human development and conservation goals in all of its Belize Study Abroad programming.

Our continuous collaboration within our local communities and visiting programs ensure an enriching experience for all involved. With 28 years of experience making the connection between communities and protected areas for educators and students, Monkey Bay has become the leader in Belize.



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